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Single Source Billing

Say Adios to Billing Issues and Hellooooo to More Business!

Single Source Billing cures your billing headaches. How, you ask? It’s a unique broker-centric, easy to use tool that was designed with you in mind.

Check this out:

  • Review one statement each month rather than one from each carrier.
  • Receive one monthly bill for your group’s employee benefits.
  • All of your employee benefit billings are incorporated on this bill and broken down by individual employee.

Sound good? We thought so. Our Single Source Billing tool is secure and safe. Our encrypted data transmission process complies with…and exceeds…current federal and state guidelines for protecting personally identifiable information. And, it’s easy to use with three simple steps: log in, upload, and submit!

The best part: Single Source Billing can make you invaluable to your clients. You can:

  • Reduce daily inquiries and administrative tasks from your clients when they receive one consolidated bill.
  • Create an added value to attract new clients while keeping current clients loyal by offering Single Source Billing and the Solstice Exchange Enrollment platform.
  • Improve client retention. When you give them tools they need, they are clients for life!

And you know what? There’s something in it for you, too! Our tools free up pesky administrative time so you can focus on client relationships and new sales opportunities. With one bill, you’ll spend less time on correcting billing issues and more time following prospects and focusing on your clients.