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Your Private Label Exchange


The Solstice Marketplace: Your Road to Reform

Solstice has created our private health care exchange with you in mind! Our exchange is a first-of-its-kind broker-centric marketplace. You can continue doing business and differentiate yourself to your clients by offering your customers personalized service—very unique when compared to public exchanges. AND, you also have the flexibility to load your own custom plans or use our selection of standard plans.

Our user-friendly system ensures your clients will have an easy-to-use enrollment process. Enrollees will already be uncertain about choices. Exchanges are a brand new concept. We understand, and want to reduce their stress, making the entire process as simple as possible.

Also, we offer personalized help along the way:    

  • Comprehensive video library
  • Helpful articles
  • Exclusive online tools – like our built-in calculator that shows how much the employer is contributing – and how much the employee will pay

At the Solstice Marketplace, we’re always available to assist you in any way we can!