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How Does It Work?

The Solstice Marketplace Makes Managing your Clients a Snap!

With our private exchange, you can offer your customers personalized service, which is unique when compared to what is envisioned for exchanges provided by the federal government and states. We've developed a user-friendly system for your clients, ensuring an easy-to-use enrollment process that is visually and textually simple.

Once you've identified which of your clients will be participating in the Solstice Marketplace, you can load their information under the "Manage Clients" tab. There, you can store and manage their data. You'll also help them with the open enrollment process from start to finish, a key component of the customer service you'll be able to provide through our exchange.

With the Solstice Marketplace, you can also leverage your relationships with health insurance carriers by offering to your clients the plans you're authorized to sell. Simply upload carrier and plan information under the "Manage Carriers and Plans" tab. Then, you can make recommendations to clients based on their company's specific needs!

Keep it all in one place with the Solstice Marketplace!